We bring into focus the most disruptive technologies which radically change human's life

Investments which form new opportunities and minimize all the risks

Creating of global community start-ups, which originate better future for the humanity


The global transformation of power industry - thousands of successful exponential projects

Energy Storage

Transport and urban revolution make them both clean and advantageous and profitable

Renewable Energies

Highly accessible pure energy leads to transformation of every energy-related system

Smart Grid

Flexible and smart decisions for every kind of customers opens a great number of new opportunities for customers


Environment and business digitization is the field of exponential business increase


Public health is getting cleverer on the ground of greater data, Al and essential increase of gathered information about health

Drone appliances

Exponential increase of smart systems all over us means complete transformation of all services and businesses


Disruptive transformation of leading industries will completely change the world economy

3D printings & materials

The production is getting versatile, flexible and close to customers

Digital Twins, Computer Vision & Sensors

The integration of material and digital world makes robot systems phenomenally efficacious


ROSATOM Corporation is one of the global technological leaders


11 million tons transported via the Northern Sea route

PET/CT diagnostics

Rosatom Healthcare is a business-division focusing on medical services, pharma and digital medicine

Composite materials

One of Rosatom's new businesses: production of polymer composite materials based on carbon fiber


The firm's co-founders, Evgeny Kuznetsov and Alexey Priyatkin, have collectively over 20 years of experience in investing directly in emerging markets

Evgeny Kuznetsov is an Ambassador for Russia of Singularity University - leading knowledge center about future technologies in the Silicon Valley

4000+ underlying pipeline companies

All Russian and numerous international accelerators access

Access to corporations and government officials

Evgeny Kuznetsov
  Alexey Priyatkin


Industry: Health

Description: Russian innovative platform for medical image analysis. It diagnoses and analyzes ricks of diseases using machine learning technology
Industry: Logistics

Description: Silicon Valley based on the developer of innovative LIDAR surface cleaning technology based on the application of piezoelectric effect
Industry: Smart City Solutions

Description: Russian developer of technological vertical city farms with a very high of process automatization
Industry: Digital Solutions

Description: Russian developer of a breakthrough video codec based on deep machine learning and providing a very high level of file compression