About Us

Orbita Capital Partners

Orbita Capital is a management company in Russian law set up to manage funds with a focus on deeptech
Orbita Capital believes technology investments represent a particularly attractive investment opportunity. Technology growth in both emerging and developed economies has been largely uncorrelated to volatility in GDP growth, making it relatively resilient against macroeconomic movements and country-specific risks
Orbita Capital is creating of a portfolio of top-tier and market-leading technology companies that (i) are located in both emerging and developed markets and serve their domestic markets, (ii) utilize best talents and expertise in Russia and worldwide

Digital Evolution Ventures

Digital Evolution Ventures

Digital Evolution Ventures is an emerging diversified investment fund focused on venture investments across the world.

ESG Policy

Venture capital plays an essential role in shaping our future by supporting the technologies and companies that are changing the world. We admit that we need to contribute to this change. Compliance with ESG practices is an important aspect for us when making investment decisions.

We interpret ESG compliance as a positive signal for future business value creation. We are convinced that the companies and partners with whom we interact are also motivated to achieve sustainability goals, either in their activities or through the products and services they develop.

Our priority areas for ESG investment are:

Climate – reducing atmospheric emissions, making production more environmentally friendly, developing of electric transport.

Smart green cities/buildings – making cities more breathable, livable, and sustainable, developing of energy-saving systems.

Renewable energy – accelerating adoption of affordable and clean energy.


Good health and wellbeing – increasing accessibility and quality of healthcare through digitalization.

Education – increasing accessibility, quality, and efficiency of educational processes.


Ethical and governance standards – increasing procurement and governance transparency, interaction with regulators.

Control over rights – control of personal data, privacy of customers and users, IP rights.

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